French settlers arrived in the 1680’s bringing with them their winemaking skills. Palmiet was granted to the French Huguenot, Jean De Buis by Simon V.d Stell. The late Fred Uhlendorff, restored the original Manor House, built in 1754, to its former glory. After sailing around the world in his yacht looking for paradise, he purchased Palmiet in 1996. A German entrepreneur and explorer, he had fallen in love with the jewel of the Winelands. He designed and decorated the dwelling and turned it into a guesthouse. After 30 years of being a bachelor, he fell in love and married a South African, Marguerite de Savoy Du Preez, who was an internationally experienced pathologist . She set aside the microscope to help create and ultimately enhance the dream of Palmiet with Fred. Marguerite Uhlendorff an extraordinary woman An extensive and committed medical career has steeled the dynamic and charismatic proprietor to administer Palmiet Valley Estate, a legacy entrusted to her by her beloved husband. Currently, Marguerite with the aid of her sons and loyal staff have taken over the running of Palmiet.

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